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Practical Business Management with LLU undergraduate students. This interactive course provides undergraduate students with the tools necessary to understand and implement the basic business management principles of entrepreneurial theory.. See Other Classes by Rob J. Brown, J.D., LLU Pre-med students learn about the value of undergraduate study in biology and the opportunity to pursue a career in science. Students are actively involved in research at and around Providence.. See Other Classes by Thomas Perez, D.Sc., LLU The purpose of this course is to provide LLU students with the opportunity to work on a real-world problem that they will be assigned to solve during the course.. See Other Classes by Clark Egan, LLU The Lifeguard Bootcamp is an intensive seminar and certification course that teaches the lifeguard the skills needed to become a lifeguard. Students learn basic lifeguard and first aid skills.. See Other Classes by Michael Bailey, SWDT Explore the history of the Society of the New England Compounding Center (SNECC) through the work of Dr. Barry Cadden and her colleagues, and learn about the current efforts to solve the Sudden Oak Death tragedy in the Bay Area.. See Other Classes by Barry Cadden, Ph.D., LLU Intro to Computer Programming. Students work on live projects, build real programs, and learn to get beyond simply running a program to think about how a program works. Each project requires students to make choices, use resources, and take responsibility for the outcome of their work.. See Other Classes by Chris Wyatt, Ph.D., LLU Internship. Students spend one term working on internships under the supervision of faculty or peers. Intended for LLU students and young professionals.. See Other Classes by Christopher H. Wyatt, Ph.D., LLU Pre-med students learn about the value of undergraduate




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Babysitting Cream Version 101 Hacked (Latest)

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