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Sport For Development, Peace, And Social Justice.pdf ===> DOWNLOAD A list of sport for development agencies may be found at the Sport for Development, Peace, and Social Justice Web site. A number of agencies are listed under the headings 'South Africa', 'Argentina', 'Uruguay', 'North Korea', and 'Mongolia'. The World Health Organization is another, somewhat older, example of a non-governmental organization that promotes health through sport, and a global umbrella organization of such NGOs. In addition to social change, a number of agencies have focused on the socioeconomic and health effects of sport in disadvantaged populations. In many cases, these agencies have also focused on international and cross-border sports activities. A few examples from the United States include: See also: Social change and race relations, racism in sport, Unsporting behaviour, Culture and sport. For example, the first black Olympic gold medalist, Henry 'Box' Brown, was refused access to a swimming pool on the basis of his skin colour. . The influence of sport is particularly apparent in the emergence of sport as a profession and the growth of the sports business. Due to a high youth unemployment rate, the development of a range of youth programs has been an important aim of the German government in recent years. Under the slogan 'Sport for Development, Peace, and Social Justice' (SDSJ), German governmental and non-governmental agencies have developed youth programs, ranging from sports and leisure to welfare, vocational training and language and citizenship programs. The SDSJ youth program has been criticised for its commitment to the international development agenda, which supports the interests of major global power groups. However, the program has been adopted and supported by a range of organisations and organisations including the German Olympic Sports Federation (DOSB), international sports associations and the World Health Organization. See also: International development agenda, Development, Agenda 21, Globalization. International sporting organisations A number of international sports organisations have been established to promote and protect certain aspects of sport. These include the following: International Olympic Committee (IOC) International Paralympic Committee (IPC) International Cricket Council (ICC) International World Games Association (IWGA) International World Taekwondo Federation (IWTF) International Boxing Association (AIBA) International Softball Federation (ISF)

PEACE, SOCIAL JUSTICE, AND THE RIGHTS OF CHILDREN AND YO. 27. Gilman, E.S. 1996. “Sport and Social Justice.” The 1998 Annual Report of the United States Olympic Committee,. PEACE, SOCIAL JUSTICE, AND THE RIGHTS OF CHILDREN AND YOUTH PDF (accessed 18 April 2013). THE 1998 ANNUAL REPORT OF THE UNITED STATES OLYMPIC COMMITTEE – S.M. The Sport, Peace and Development agenda has set the ‘s short-term programmes for social and physical development into long-term programmes for development, peace and sustainable development.’ (UNESCO 1991: 6) This position is reflected in a preliminary agreement on the Sport, Peace and Development agenda drawn up by the Heads of State and Government who were meeting for the fiftieth anniversary of the Oslo Accords in 1994.  (UNESCO 1994: 3) The following year in 1995 UNESCO issued the first agenda of the International Year of Sport for Development, Peace and Social Justice, the purpose of which was to recognise the potential of sport to foster social inclusion, promote mutual understanding, support and respect between people, and address the challenges of social and economic development.5 Since then, the promotion of sustainable development and the reduction of inequalities, as stated in the ‘Declaration on Sport and Development, Peace and Social Justice,’ has become increasingly important to the United Nations. Sport for Development, Peace and Social Justice is also a theme that has been addressed by numerous intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations. 2 Ibid.: 6. Aglobus.pdf THE PEACE AND SOCIAL JUSTICE BOOKLETS This Agenda brings together some of the key Peace and Social Justice concepts, including social inclusion, peace, and sustainable development, and aims to encourage all interested UN system organizations to give more attention to these concepts. As social inclusion is a process of social transformation, the Sport for Development, Peace and Social Justice agenda addresses many of the issues and initiatives that have been created to change the current social and economic situation of some of the most difficult to access groups of people. As sports organisations have long been involved in


Sport For Development, Peace, And Social Justice.pdf

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